Ernest Edward Meacock

In 1917 a Canadian soldier arrived in Dornoch as part of the Canadian Forestry Corp, which was sourcing timber for trench building and other uses in WW1. His name was Ernest Edward Meacock. While in Scotland, he met a granddaughter of Thomas Sim. In April 1919, they married in Aberdeen and a child was born in October 1919. However, Ernest was already married in Canada and so the Scottish marriage was not legal.

Ernest returned to Canada and was awarded a land grant in Manitoba but then the trail goes cold. His full military records from WW1 have been published by the Canadian Archives but only one document is more recent than 1919. This is a Veterans’ Allowance and has a note ‘Vancouver 14/9/59’ handwritten. Was that a date and place of death? It does not appear to match any published death records. Advice from Canadian Archives suggests that he may have been applying for financial support in 1959. Why was this linked to Vancouver when he had been allocated land in Manitoba in 1919?